sábado, 7 de outubro de 2006

Naked Pictures of Famous People

«The Children. There is a fable in Deuteronomy: a poor farmer from the Tribe of Levi came one day to King Solomon, the wisest of kings and the only one who could juggle. The farmer begged Solomon for his wisdom. "My only son has lost a baby tooth. All day and night he cries for reparation. He suffers liudly... even the cattle have complained." Solomon looked up from his crossword puzzle, pondered the farmer's dilemma and spoke. "Cut this child in half. Each family can have one half. This will end the dispute." The farmer looked stricken. "Gotcha!" said Solomon. "I'm sorry, sometimes I can't help myself." The farmer sighed. "How old's the boy?" asked Solomon. "Four plantings and half a harvest," replied the farmer. "Okay, here's what to do," continued the wise king, "Tell the boy to put the tooth under his pillow tonight. When he sleeps, replace the tooth with a piece of candy or a quarter. Tell him the... I don't know, the Angel of Teeth came down to reclaim his property. This will solve your problem." "Who will believe that?" the farmer asked skeptically. "What is lightning?" asked Solomon. "God testing batteries," the farmer replied. Solomon looked at the farmer knowingly. "Oh... I see what you mean," said the farmer. Solomon smiled, "Want to see me juggle two olives and a pomegranate?"
What is the point? People will believe anything if you catch them early enough.»

"Naked Pictures of Famous People", Jon Stewart - pp. 45/46

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